Tiësto & Ferry Corsten write history together at Dance Valley! | Jul 1, 2008
Ferry Corsten will close out his own Flashover Recordings Stage at the Dance Valley festival with none other than Tiësto. This historic event will take place in the Second Valley at Dance Valley.

San Francisco, 24 May 2008. Due to a serious power failure, the ETD POP Festival died a sudden death, just at the moment that the public had reached a state of ecstasy after an amazing set by Ferry Corsten and the first tracks of Tiësto’s final set had begun to boom through the venue. One club that still had power was the Ruby Skye, which was filled to capacity as Ferry Corsten turned the tables at the official ETD POP afterparty.

Tiësto, still full of energy after his incomplete set earlier that evening, decided to stop in on his good friend and colleague Ferry. Ferry immediately pulled him into the DJ booth to continue turning in a back-to-back set. The audience at Ruby Skye instantly felt that dance history was being written that night. Years after Ferry and Tiësto had entered the history books under names such as Gouryella, with their tracks Gouryella and Walhalla, they were again turning tables together for a public that completely blew its top. You can see the proof here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQU-4DdeLQE&NR=1

Not only the public enjoyed the set; Tiësto and Ferry also had a great time. That same evening they decided that they were going to do it again soon.

The perfect venue? Dance Valley Festival! Here Ferry has his own immense open-air stage for Flashover Recordings in the legendary Second Valley, which is returning for the first time since 2002. Although this means that Tiësto is giving up his place on the Dance Valley Main Stage, UDC couldn’t let such a unique opportunity go to waste.

After their first spontaneous session in San Francisco, the party people in Spaarnwoude will also be able to enjoy a complete back-to-back set by Ferry Corsten and Tiësto. Two men who are not only among the best DJs ever to come from the Netherlands, but are also two old friends who would rather do nothing more than to share their music with the public.

The event organiser UDC is especially proud to add this unique occasion to the already overfull programme for Dance Valley.

Dance Valley Festival 2008 will take place this year on Saturday, 12 July.
Tickets are available online via www.udc.nl, www.dancevalley.com and www.ticketservice.nl.
Tickets are also available at all Midtown and Free Record Shop locations.

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