Ferry Corsten – UNITY: Exclusive Interview

In a world often divided today, it can be hard to find common ground. Where others have failed though, the world of EDM has often excelled, promoting love and a sense of community.

With two decades of music making under his belt, trance pioneer Ferry Corsten has been known for successfully accomplishing interesting projects in the past. And in 2018? He’s onto the next.

The Dutch producer officially launched ‘UNITY’ last month, a concept aimed at bringing people closer through the power of music, and will be comprised of a series of collaborative projects with other artists across the trance world and beyond. His first collaboration of the series? “A Slice of Heaven” with Paul Oakenfold – an anthemic track and strong project kick-off that beautifully combines the two producers’ strengths in their first-ever collaboration together.

Here, Raver Magazine dives into UNITYdeeper with Ferry Corsten…

How did the idea for UNITY come about?

Having spent a lot of time in the last couple of years working on various solo projects such as the Gouryella concept as well as my last artist album ‘Blueprint’, I didn’t have enough time to be able to work with other artists in my scene apart from various vocalists. During different festivals or shows I would meet up or see other DJs and would make plans to work on something together, only to keep delaying it as I was busy with my own projects. Meanwhile, after finishing my artist album, I noticed how my scene, the trance scene, despite being a niche market is a fragmented market at that. There are groups that only will play 140bpm, another 128… yet all claim to be in the same scene. I thought at this point that it would be great to work on a number of collaborations with different artists in my genre and come up with a group concept unifying our sound regardless of bpm’s…and that is how UNITY was born.

What kind of support have you seen for UNITY so far?

We recently released our first single with Paul Oakenfold called “A Slice of Heaven.” This is the first single from the UNITY project. The response has been great. Everyone in this scene is playing it and the attention of all major blogs, radio shows, and of course fans have been fantastic.

We recently saw you and Alpha9 perform together at Exchange LA, and it seemed to be a special performance with it being the launch of UNITY. Coming off of the popularity of Blueprint into this new project, how has that translated into your live performances?

I’m steadily introducing the UNITY tracks into my performances around the world. As the UNITY roster grows, more collaboration shows will be planned as well.

You launched UNITY with a collaboration between you and Paul Oakenfold – how did you end up working with him as your first artist on this project, and why did you choose ‘A Slice of Heaven’ as the first release?

I think we all have a lot to thank Paul for in the trance scene. He has paved the way for pretty much all of us trance producers as well as the dance scene in general. Paul and I discussed a collab many times over the years, but it never happened – until now. ‘A Slice of Heaven’ just happened to be the first collaboration to be done at the right time. But if you ask me, this track couldn’t say trance more than it does now.

You also work with vH1 on their ‘Save The Music’ Foundation – could you tell us more about that?

To complete the UNITY concept and make it something enjoyable for all, we decided to dedicate a portion of all earnings to VH1’s Save The Music foundation which is an organization that provides music education to under privileged kids, so they can also have an opportunity to create a career from their passion, like what us DJs/producers are able to have.